Speaking at The March For Science

I will be the featured speaker at the Rapid City March for Science! I’m accepting suggestions for what to (or not to) say.

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Gratitude List (Mar. 21 – 27)

  1. Meeting new faculty candidates
  2. Defrosting and re-organizing our chest freezer
  3. Rehearsing my upcoming talk with my group
  4. My wife is very loving, understanding, and patient with me
  5. Dying eggs and discussing the Sermon on the Mount at The Well
  6. Catching up with my parents
  7. New biking equipment arrived
  8. Being part of the Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) ice cream social
  9. Lunch with a friend (Mar. 24)
  10. Watching Night Court with my wife
  11. Time to relax on Saturday (Mar. 24)
  12. Meeting new faculty candidates
  13. Defrosting and re-organizing our chest freezer
  14. Rehearsing my upcoming talk with my group
  15. My wife is very loving, understanding, and patient with me
  16. Campus Dialog on “Colorblindness”
  17. Good discussion with a colleague
  18. Interesting and well-presented colloquium (Mar. 21)
  19. Time to catch up with a friend (Mar. 21)
  20. Meeting with a prospective student (Mar. 23)
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Gratitude (Mar. 7 – 20)

  1. Being able to drive my wife home from the airport
  2. Meeting with a student via videoconference
  3. Getting some e-mails answered
  4. Giving a tour of my lab to a group of high school students, some of whom seemed genuinely interested
  5. Interview with a postdoc candidate
  6. Good conversation about self-image with a friend
  7. Ride from a colleague to and from the Hill City Science Fair
  8. Being a judge at the fair
  9. Time to rest and recover while being sick
  10. Clocks that automatically adjust to daylight saving time
  11. Good food and leaning about Paul Robeson at The Well
  12. Taking the day off to recuperate while sick
  13. My wife bringing me a cheeseburger
  14. Effective cough syrup letting me sleep
  15. Good pies for Pi Day
  16. Fun events, including a pie eating contest, for pie day
  17. Riding home from campus with my wife
  18. Warm weather to melt the snow and clear the roads
  19. Good discussion about the Sermon on the Mount and Easter Eggs at The Well
  20. Helping my wife make soup
  21. Interesting colloquium (Mar. 19)
  22. Good meeting with my research group
  23. Being sufficiently prepared for class
  24. Trimming my beard
  25. Lunch club at Tally’s
  26. Sitting at the “community table” at Tally’s. Apparently the community table is what it sounds like. It is a big table that anyone can sit at if they like. It turned out to be a great opportunity for Richard to tell some local residents about our program.
  27. On of my favorite TV shows (Timeless) is on the air for a second season
  28. The 11th season of The X-Files is airing too
  29. Another great show, Red Dwarf, is on Britbox
  30. Meeting with a prospective graduate student
  31. Making some decisions about student admissions
  32. Being able to stay home and recover while sick (Mar. 12)
  33. Calling and getting a reply about a TV station that seems not to be transmitting
  34. Morning prayer group with InterVarsity
  35. Dinner with friends (Mar. 17)
  36. An amazing performance of Fiddler on the Roof by the SDSM&T Drama Club
  37. Planning a visit from my parents and sister for this summer
  38. Finding the last box of a certain curry powder on the shelf a the grocery store
  39. The wide selection on Netflix DVD service
  40. My wife loves me!
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Want encouragement about the younger generation?

Be a judge at the High Planes Regional Science and Engineering Fair, which will be held on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 in the King Center at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.

Judge Registration Deadline
March 21, 2018.

I have done this several times. Many of the students and their projects are amazing and give me hope for the future. Click the link below for more information.
Source: SD Mines | Science & Engineering Fair

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Gratitude (Feb. 28 – Mar. 6)

  1. Overcoming some technical difficulties with delivering my midterm
  2. Good conversation with a student
  3. Another student made some needed plots quite quickly.
  4. Small but good IV Prayer meeting
  5. Doing a load of laundry
  6. Helping my wife cook a lot of good food for us
  7. Good discussion at the Wobbly Table
  8. Music, poetry, food, and friends at Community Meal
  9. First time riding my bike to and from a friend’s new house
  10. Attending the last legislative crackerbarrel of the session
  11. Preparing for leading discussion at The Well
  12. Avoiding the blizzard currently in nearby parts of the state
  13. Talking with my parents
  14. Leading a well-received discussion at The Well based on this theme:
  15. Watching a movie with music we will be playing in our upcoming concert
  16. Online conversation with a good friend
  17. Planning for the rest of this break
  18. Shopping for pens
  19. Van being repaired
  20. Being able to bike to and from the mechanic
  21. Interesting conversation with one of the mechanics about tires
  22. Lunch club at Murphy’s
  23. Catching up with a former student at lunch club
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A Little Fun for Cat People and Brass Players

This kitty decides to chill in his human’s Euphonium and becomes the mute for his brass instrument. Kazuhiro’s cat is quite fascinated by the shape of the instrument and goes in there to see if it’d fit. Turns out it’s a purrfect fit!”If it fits, I sits!”Watch the full video:”I’m a cat mute!”

Source: Cat Decides to Be the Mute for Brass Instrument – Love Meow

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Gratitude (Feb. 21-27)

  1. A fun location for our collaboration photo

    Photo credit: Filip Jediny

  2. Safe and sufficiently punctual flights to Austin
  3. Successfully navigating to our hotel
  4. Comfortable hotel room with a good view
  5. Happy hour with colleagues after the first day of collaboration meeting
  6. Successfully navigating my way to campus using the bus
  7. Allowing enough time to find the buildings on an unfamiliar campus
  8. Interesting talks at the collaboration meeting
  9. Good food at the collaboration dinner
  10. Interesting conversations and meeting new colleagues at the dinner
  11. Beautiful view over Lake Travis
  12. Walking to and from the UT campus, including going past the Texas Capitol building
  13. Walking with my wife around downtown Austin, especially the river
  14. Being able to ask useful questions in parallel sessions
  15. Getting safely home from Austin even though our flight was quite delayed
  16. Good food at the Austin and DFW airports
  17. Two strong candidates for collaboration co-spokesperson
  18. A useful workshop on graduate student advising
  19. Writing the midterm for my class
  20. Lunch club at Ichiban
  21. Good meetings with students
  22. Making arrangements for the APS April Meeting
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Gratitude (Feb. 14 – 20)

  1. Voting early
  2. Meeting with and helping a graduate student progress
  3. Making dinner for my wife and myself.
  4. Brass sectionals in University Band
  5. Inclusion Committee Meeting was short but useful
  6. Interesting and fun simulation of cross-cultural difficulties at the Rapid City Community Conversation
  7. Good food and meeting people at the Conversation
  8. Attending the Environmental Cracker Barrel with state legislators
  9. Biking to and from the Outdoor Campus – West
  10. The campus has a bike rack.
  11. Talking with one of my legislators one-on-one
  12. Pizza and snacks at the cracker barrel
  13. Talking with other people at the cracker barrel
  14. Good food at the Sweetheart Dinner Dance sponsored by the music program
  15. Excellent music, including a brilliant and funny percussion piece with cooking and dining utensils
  16. Taking turns shoveling snow
  17. Not needing to travel much during the snow storm
  18. Day off on Monday (Feb. 19)
  19. Snow day on Tuesday
  20. Successfully getting to and from campus on Tuesday for necessary work on the snow day.
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Gratitude (Feb. 7 – 13)

  1. Attending the latest “coffee with planners” of Rapid City
  2. Short but good conversation with a friend (Feb. 7)
  3. Good video conversation with a friend via the internet
  4. Being back in band after my trip
  5. Good food, conversation, and friends at the pot luck
  6. Hearing different opinions on upcoming political and social issues
  7. Attending the Legislative Crackerbarrel on Feb. 10.
  8. Both of my questions were asked at the crackerbarrel
  9. Getting to know some of the other regular attendees
  10. Watching The X-Files online
  11. Teaching my class about Feynman diagrams
  12. Watching Police Squad with my wife
  13. Getting to bed early so I could attend an earlier than usual meeting (Feb. 12)
  14. The International Day of Women and Girls in Science (Feb. 11)
  15. Useful Faculty Development Committee Meeting (Feb. 13)
  16. Lunch club at Hong Kong Buffet
  17. Revisiting my photographs from Geneva with my wife
  18. Weather warming up for part of this week
  19. Ice spikes (upside down icicles) 
  20. Preparing for next trip
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I voted Yes

I voted early today in favor of the water rate changes for Rapid City. I’m happy to discuss why if you contact me privately.

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